“I like the funky stuff and nice guitar work.”
Billy Flynn

“Full of flavors of the past, with surprising elements of today. Jonny T-Bird’s second album is well written, clever and a blast to listen to.” Doug Jackson, 89.1 WBSD

'"Story" at times is a familiar tale, with songs like "Born in Milwaukee (Est. 1989)" and "Come & Gone" following a traditional blues structure. But Jon "Jonny T-Bird" Neuberger also injects ingenuity, between the playful tone of "Storybook Blues"; to the subtle and effective use of Autotune on slow-burning "Misunderstandings."' Piet Levy, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"The bright, clear tone of Jonny T-Bird’s electric guitar distinguishes the Milwaukee bluesman’s sophomore album, True Story. The sound he gets from his ax befits his largely fun approach to the genre. When our bandleader sings proudly of his Milwaukee birth or talks up women who may or may not give him the time of day, it sounds at least as much like celebration as it does catharsis. As subject matter moves between darkness and light, though, he’s apt to throw in a bit of processed vocals (recalling Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s use of similar effects), a variation of Bo Didley’s signature beat or, in a nearly random move, a roomful of school children. Organ and harmonica supplement the band’s guitar/bass/drum basics, and the combination reflects successful attempts to modernize classic post-World War II Chicago stylings." Jamie Lee Rake, Shepherd Express

"The next big thing out of blues-heavy Wisconsin! "True Story" is a tapestry of all the colors of the blues!  T-Bird flies!" Robert Jr Whitall, Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

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Jonny T-Bird & the MPs belt out a soulful mix of blues and originality. The MPs stands for MARINATED PUPPETS, which was the name of a band that a few of its members were a part of before they gave birth to this Milwaukee combo.  The band’s founding members met while they were studying music at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC).   Since 2009, their performances included some of southeastern Wisconsin's well-known venues and festivals (Summerfest, State Fair, Miramar Theatre, Cactus Club, Up & Under, The Domes, etc.). With three albums and a WAMI nomination, these guys will never disappoint if you get the chance to hear them live!

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